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Designing my classroom is one of the most fun tasks at the beginning of any school year. I love coming up with new ideas for my room and this year was no exception. Today I want to share my classroom library. I have always had an expansive library of books for my students. I am a Scholastic Reading Club member and I have used many bonus points to build my classroom library. I also have purchased many from used bookstores and I am obsessed with Amazon Prime. Retired teachers have also graciously donated books to my classroom library.

I have two different classroom libraries. My students can choose books from the genre library and our leveled library. I have stickers on the back of each book that match the baskets so the students know exactly where to put the book back when they are finished with it. I love my new labels! I got them from this TpT seller. What I love about these basket labels is that she will make other categories for you to meet your library needs! I also purchased the book labels from her. 

My baskets are from the dollar store and they have been surprisingly sturdy! I think I will get years of use out of them! So far my students have been wonderful about keeping the library organized and "shopping" is one of their favorite things to do! 

My Rug, Word Wall, and White Board Space

This is the front of my room. I LOVE color and have a cute and colorful ladybug rug for my students. I have a ladybug theme throughout the space. We spend a large portion of the day on the rug using white boards, clipboards, and more, so we needed lots of space and resources in plain view. This portion of my classroom allows for my students to view the anchor charts necessary and word wall. More to come…

My Calendar and Math Wall

This is my calendar wall from last year. I have a calendar helper for the week come up and lead calendar. We go over the date, day of the week, how many days in first grade, ten frames, place value with base ten blocks and straws, and counting to 120. I also like to mix it up and we practice ten more and ten less, number bonds, problem of the day and on special days we do graphing. I also have "math hands" on our wall to practice our Engage New York method of counting on our fingers. I also put up some math charts that we are currently using . This coming year I am going to implement interactive calendar, where the students will have a calendar recording sheet that they will fill out with white board marker as we complete calendar. I will be changing my math wall a little bit to match the skills on the recording sheets. Check out the sheets here! They will be free for a limited time!

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