Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge! Week 1: Makeover Madness!

I am taking part in a fun four week challenge created by Third in Hollywood to make my TpT store even better! Welcome to week one of the challenge. This week I gave my best selling product a makeover. Take a peek at the sad looking cover before and the new colorful version!

I changed the entire product, not just the cover! But let's begin with the new eye-catching cover. I added new text boxes, a new border, and changed the background color. Doesn't it look much more inviting?!

I also added 4 pages to the product and redesigned each page. I created new cut and paste activities and added new clip art and borders. I also included a page describing other products in my store that buyers may be interested in.

This product was originally added about a year ago, so it was in desperate need of the makeover. Thank you to Third in Hollywood for hosting such a fun challenge. I can't wait for next week's challenge!

To celebrate my product's new look it is now on sale! Head over to my store to grab it.
Happy Teaching!


  1. Love this!!! Doesn't it feel good to totally revamp a resource?

  2. Your makeover looks great! I just added them to my wish list! http://teachingcreatingandsharing.blogspot.com