Sunday, July 12, 2015

Celebration Bracelets for Classroom Management

There are a vast array of classroom management systems out there for teachers to use in their classrooms. I have found it is necessary to adjust the system based on the needs of the particular group of students from year to year. I use a clip chart and the students move up/down the chart throughout the day based on the choices they make. If a student makes it to "Outstanding", they earn a punch on their punch cards. If they earn 5 punches on their card they earn a prize from the prize box. This system has worked very well for me over the past few years. But… I see a need for a little adjustment.

Now as I am sure most teachers know, it seems to be the same students that are rewarded for their wonderful behavior and listening skills. I of course would like to still celebrate these students, but I also need to provide the more challenging students with opportunities to celebrate each improvement along the way to keep them motivated to improve their direction following skills and citizenship skills.

This year I will be adding to the system with the implementation of celebration bracelets. I know of a few students in the coming class that will need a more immediate reward to help them to make good choices and waiting for 5 punches not their punch card may seem like an unattainable goal at first. This year the students may earn a celebration bracelet for a number of reasons during the day. I plan on rewarding 3 students (and any moving to outstanding) for behaviors I have noticed throughout the day. Check out the bracelets the students may earn.

These bracelets not only make the students feel proud, but it is an invitation for the student to have a conversation with their family about the strides and improvements being made in the classroom. It allows the child to communicate with the parents as to the goings on in the classroom in addition to communication by the teacher alone.

I will be keeping a list of which students earn which bracelets, this can help me gauge how the student is doing with an area of needed improvement. This will also help to ensure all students are earning bracelets. I will provide the students with the bracelets during our afternoon class meeting and we will cheer and celebrate the bracelet earners for the day. I will provide the students with a few minutes to color their bracelet and attach with tape so they can share their good news with their parents when the students are picked up. Another idea is to copy the bracelets on different colored paper for ease of distribution during the end of the day.

There will be some instances where the whole class may earn a bracelet. The "Ask me what I learned today!" bracelet is perfect for a new interesting topic that the class is studying. I also will have a bracelet for each student on the first day of school.

You can get the bracelets here! I can also personalize two additional bracelets for you if you need different wording.

I am very excited to use this system in my class this year!

What classroom management systems do you use in your class?

Happy Teaching!

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