Sunday, January 24, 2016

The 100th Day of School

Last Friday was the 100th Day of School! It was such a fun day and I think the students will remember it for quite some time. I had the students dress up as 100 year-olds and boy did they come up with some adorable outfits! I even had one student bring in a walker and wore a bushy gray mustache and eyebrows. The boys were so cute with their canes, glasses, mustaches, suspenders, and overcoats. The girls were adorable with their floral dresses, glasses, hats, pearls, and huge handbags. They were just the cutest! The parents really got creative and I posted some pictures of the kids in our class website for them to enjoy. I even dressed up also! I got many funny looks at first and some of my colleagues had to ask who I was!

After the costume excitement and arrival we got right to work with our 100th Day of School activities. We played bingo (because lots of 100 year-olds enjoy bingo of course). We also completed our 100th Day of School activity books. Check them out here!

My students loved the 100th Day of School celebration! I am so glad we have made these memories in our classroom together and I hope they remember this day for years to come.

Happy Teaching!

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