Saturday, April 29, 2017

Octopus Art Project

For Open House each year, my class transforms our room into an Ocean Research Center. This year I have integrated a few new projects. One of the new favorites is our octopus art. We learned about the amazing octopus and created a culminating art project to display for Open House.

I had the students choose two sheets of any color of construction paper. I then instructed them how to paint using the sponge method. They chose any colors of paint they wanted and then they painted away with tempera paints.

After the paint dried, I had the students trace the octopus body shapes on the back of the construction paper using templates I created. Then we had a paper cutting party and all the students cut their octopus pieces out.

I then helped the students glue their octopus together in small groups. We added eyes using tempera paint sticks.

I hung the octopus art on the bulletin board outside of our room to welcome the parents into our classroom. I stapled the octopus art to look as if they were crawling over the bulletin board paper.
Here is a picture of the unfinished bulletin board... words of welcome coming soon!

My students loved this project! Stay tuned for future posts about our latest ocean projects for Open House!

To get the templates click here!


  1. I love the octopus! I'd like the template but I'm not sure where to click for it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello! I am sorry for not including the link! I have fixed in the post above or you can use this link: