Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gearing up for The 100th Day of School!

I am shocked that I am preparing for the 100th Day of School in December! I guess that is what comes with starting school during the first week of August! This year I am going to make the 100th day even more special for my little first graders. I have decided to have my students do a home project of decorating t-shirts. I have very involved parents at my site so I think the whole family will enjoy this project. They will get to pick any item of choice and glue 100 of that item on the shirt. I can't wait to see how creative my students become! :) Check out some creative 100th Day shirts here!

I will also have my students take part in some engaging activities in their 100th Day of School Mini Books! I have created these books to allow my students to celebrate the 100th day of first grade while practicing writing and math skills. The 14 page book is filled with silly and fun writing prompts and activities.

I am also going to have my students make the rather "traditional" 100th Day of School necklaces with Fruit Loops and 100th day glasses will be a part of our day. I am also dreaming up some 100th Day of School crowns… we will see!

I am so excited and can't believe it is only 10 school days away!! More pictures of the fun will be coming soon!

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