Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snowman Winter Bulletin Board

Happy Sunday! Last week my students worked very hard on our winter snowman art project and I was finally able to get the art up on my hallway bulletin board. I earned my BA in art and I always try to incorporate art into my teaching whenever I can. I wanted to do a special winter art project and I think our winter pop-up snowmen came out great!

The snowmen were created on card stock paper. I modeled a few different designs and sent my students off to create one of their own. The most difficult part of this step was making sure their snowman was big enough. A tip I gave the students that seemed to help was telling them the bottom circle needs to be as big... or bigger, than their fist. This helped the students understand how big their snowman needed to be.

Then my students colored the accessories with colored pencil and carefully cut out their snowmen. I assisted with cutting some of their stick arms and tape came to the rescue of some arms that had been cut off by aggressive scissor snipping.

We glued a pop-up piece on the back of the center circle so the snowman pops off of the background paper. The pop-up pieces were created from strips of card stock folded into a box shape.

The background paper came out beautifully! I am sure you noticed the cute little snowflakes on the border of the bulletin board. These were actually a secondary art project that helped create our background.

First, take a coffee filter and have the students color all over it with blue marker (I wrote their names on the filters in permanent marker). I had my students use a little green and purple just to add a little more pizazz to the snowflake. I then laid all of the filters on top of large sheets of white paper. I sprayed the filters with water and let them dry. The result is the blending of the marker ink on the coffee filter and onto the white paper. The white paper under the filters is dyed by the marker ink turning it into the beautiful background paper for the snowmen! Remove the coffee filters to use for the snowflakes once they are dry. You can add more color to the background paper by spraying it with water dyed with blue watercolors, or wash over it with a little more watered down blue water color paint.

Once dry, I cut the background paper to size, had the students sponge paint a little snow on the bottom, and voila… a beautiful snowy scene! (it sounds complicated, but it really isn't!) It is a great little snowman art project and perfect for winter.

Check out some of their cute little snowmen!

I love this wintery project and I hope you do, too!

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