Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"All About Me" Ideas for the First Week of School!

I am so excited to introduce two new products that will be perfect for Back-to-School! I have used "All About Me" books in the past as a way to get to know my students and provide them with some independent work for the first week of school. The books were very fun and engaging, but they always went home with the students and we didn't share or celebrate them. I created two different hanging posters that will accomplish that goal! Not only will students be able to share their favorite things with the teacher and their classmates, but it can be a decorative part of the classroom and allow for the practice of speaking and listening skills if students are given the opportunity to share them with the class.

Check out my Folding Hanging Poster, Cube Poster, and Dodecagon Poster!

Check out the video tutorials for each product below!

Folding Hanging Poster

Cube Poster Tutorial
Spinning Cube Poster Video

I am planning on having older kids, or a parent volunteer help with the creating of the posters for my first grade kiddos, but I have made these with 2nd graders and they were able to do the folding and gluing independently. If you are interested in the Foldable All About Me Hanging Poster visit my store here! If you are interested in the Cube Poster visit my link here!

Now I must decide which All About Me Posters I will have my kiddos complete this year! :)



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