Saturday, August 6, 2016

Classroom Reveal 2016

I can't believe my new group of little ones will be in my classroom on Monday! The summer went by quickly but it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I spent the last few weeks in my classroom preparing for my new group of kiddos and I have my classroom all ready for them! It is always so much work, but it is well worth it!

 The biggest change to my classroom this year is the addition of new tables! I had groups of desks before and I already LOVE the tables so much more. They work better for my flexible seating options and it really opens up the room and gives us more space. Check out the photos of my classroom reveal below!

This is my cute bulletin board! It was hard work but it came out better than I had expected. The crayon box is a shipping box that my wobble stools came in and the crayons are just rolled up construction paper! I hope this bulletin board makes my students feel welcome on the first day! The inspiration came from this Pinterest pin.

This is the front of my room and carpet area. 

 Because we are a flexible seating classroom, we share all school supplies. My students do need storage for writing journals and work folders. These rainbow drawers were perfect for this task!

This is the front corner of my room. My calendar is to the right with white board supplies below. I have cardboard book boxes for my students to keep their books selected from our classroom library. The blue board is my Daily 5 chart. 

 This is a perspective of the classroom from my low table. You can see my new tables and flexible seating options I added for the year.

 This is my SWAG tag display. Students will earn tags for behavior choices, academic goals, and for displaying character traits. We will celebrate and wear them on Fridays. I purchased the cutest brag tag packs and I made a few of my own. To find out more about brag tags click here.

 This is my standing table that students will be able to choose to use for various activities.

This is photo of my community supplies found on my tables. All supplies are shared and there are many supply stations around the room for convenience. 

This is my classroom library. The only new part of this area are the cute red chairs from target and I purchased new book bins from Big Lots.

I am moving away from center rotations this year and I will be implementing The Daily 5 (although a non-rotation version) This is the chart that will help keep us organized and on the right track.

 I have two new wobble stools for my students this year! I am hoping to get more through my Donor's Choose project. They fit so nicely under the round tables and I know my students will love them.

This is my Welcome Book that I created for my students. It is a coloring book introducing myself and our year we will have in first grade. I think they are going to love coming into school on the first day and working on their new book.

 This is my collaborative conversations wall. The posters have been so helpful for guiding my students with having effective collaborative conversations. You can check them out here.

 I made new clip charts this year. I needed a new Daily 5 chart, and I wanted to spruce up my old 5 year old clip chart.

This is where my SWAG tags will be stored. I will tell the students when they have earned a card, and they will grab it out of the plastic box. Thank you to Angie from Lucky Little Learners for the great idea!

If you want to find out more about Flexible Seating you can check out some posts here.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my classroom! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below! Here's to a wonderful year! :)



  1. Your class room looks very inviting! You have created a wonderful learning environment for your kids. Have a wonderful year with your students!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your year is wonderful as well! :)

  2. Love your Swag Tag. What did you use to hang their tags with