Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chapter Book Companion

I am so excited to talk about my latest resource! It has been great for differentiation in my classroom this year. My Chapter Book Companion has been a wonderful activity to help my advanced kiddos stay focused, while challenging them and allowing for differentiation within my classroom.

My high kiddos are already very advanced with phonics, high frequency words, and other foundational reading skills. I needed something for them to extend their learning independently, while providing me with time to meet with my kiddos that need more work with foundational skills.

This chapter book companion was a perfect solution! After my advanced students read a chapter of their chosen chapter book then they write a summary in their chapter book companion. This provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their reading, while keeping a log of important events. This is a perfect resource to help with retelling of important events. There is an opportunity for students to draw a picture of the chapter events as well. The students log the characters, setting, and write about how the character transforms throughout the book.

I have also begun to use these during literacy circles. I have chosen a book for my advanced students to read together as a group (soon they will have the choice). They then complete the chapter book companion together after reading chapters as a group. This is a great way to teach collaboration within the reading standards.

I am so excited about the level of work that my students have produced using this resource! If you are interested in this resource, you can get it here!

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