Saturday, August 13, 2016

Crayon Bulletin Board

After posting my classroom reveal I had tons of questions about how I created my crayon bulletin board! Well… this is the place to come for details!

I was originally inspired by this pin and loved the way the box was created. I then decided that I wanted my bulletin board to be more 3-dimensional so I grabbed some construction paper and played around with it until I got the result I was looking for.

To make the box, I used a shipping box that my wobble stools came in. I cut the semicircle with scissors. I then covered the box with yellow construction paper. I just used glue sticks and tape. I folded it like a present and attached the green flap at the top. I glued on the green triangle shapes and used a marker to create the green lines. I then used push pins (lots of them!) to attach it to my bulletin board.

To make the crayons I took different shades of construction paper and rolled them into cylinders. I taped them lengthwise. I created crayon name labels with my students' names and glued them onto the outside of the cylinders.

I then needed to make a cone shape for the crayon points. I cut a square (approx. 8x8") and twisted it into the cone and taped it together. I then trimmed the bottom so it was flat.

Before attaching the cone to the cylinder, I stapled the crayon to the wall. I stapled the inside of both sides of the cylinder to the wall. I then attached the cone to my desired side of the crayon.

To attach the cone to the cylinder, I placed two tape loops (sometimes 3) inside the cylinder. I then wedged the cone inside the cylinder.

Stay tuned for a video tutorial!

If you are interested in the crayon labels you can download them here.

Happy bulletin board Creating!!!

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