Saturday, November 15, 2014

Currently November

Today I am linking up with Farley and taking part in my first Currently!

Listening- Downton Abbey Season 3
I LOVE Downton Abbey and I watch/listen to the episodes whenever I can. I can't get enough! I have started on Season 1 and watch through Season 4 a few times over during the past few weeks. The only drawback is that I talk with my terrible English accent for about an hour after my marathons each weekend… my poor husband!

Loving- The new Downton Abbey Season 5 Trailer!
January 4th cannot get here fast enough. I am loving the new trailer. What drama! I wonder what the fire is all about… if they kill off anymore of my favorite characters, I don't know what I will do! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out here.

Thinking- about my parents' new puppy!
Today I went to visit my parents and meet their new puppy. She is the CUTEST! I forgot how completely adorable Cavaliers are as puppies. Although my pup Max is still pretty cute at 2 years old! Meet Lulu...
Wanting- New boots for fall
I am in desperate need… okay I want new boots for the fall. I found an adorable pair of chocolate riding boots… I think I must have them!

Needing- New computer speakers in my classroom
For the past few weeks my speakers have been acting wonky. When I have shared video clips in my classroom the sound won't work and I have to hold a cord in just the perfect placement for my students to be able to hear anything. FRUSTRATING! So, I found a different speaker set in my classroom cabinets, plugged it in to teach the 5 senses and… it didn't work… So I am now going to use funds provided by our generous PTA to get a working pair of speakers… I guess no video clips to supplement lessons until they arrive! 

Reading- The Boys in the Boat
I am a member of a book club and I LOVE to read. This month we are reading The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. At first I wasn't sure I would like this particular selection, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It is well written and I have really enjoyed some of the characters. The book is about the 1936 United States men's Olympic crew team. So far it has been a very interesting read. I hope the momentum continues!

Happy November!


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  3. Lulu is soooo cute!!! I love her big ears and tiny nose! I also put that I need/want new boots for the cold season! I wear them so often that they get so beat up. I love your blog! I'll be sure to drop by and check it out now that I found you on Farley's link up.

    Kelly Nelson
    Mrs. Nelson is Missing

  4. Me too! Speaker problems! They need to make speakers just for classrooms...small, easy to use(easy to find buttons), a cord that is just right...maybe in different colors too... :) And I love that super cute little Lulu! Have a great November!

  5. Hi Meghan,

    Your parents' puppy, Lulu, is adorable! I have a Cavalier/Cocker cross and his name is Max!! Funny coincidence:)
    I wish I belonged to a book club. I need to be pushed into reading new stuff.

    BL Designs