Saturday, November 1, 2014

Video Resources!

Happy November! I can't believe it is here already! Yesterday my class had a wonderful day. Our school is one of the lucky ones… we are still able to have a costume parade and a party for Halloween! The students were so excited and my room parents and volunteers did a wonderful job arranging fun and engaging activities for the students. I decided to join the fun and dress up as Snow White. What I wasn't expecting was to be practically tackled with hugs by the girls (and some boys) when they saw me!

Speaking of fun and engaging… I wanted to share some of our favorite videos we use in class. These videos are great fillers before going home, as transitions, and as brain breaks. I have enjoyed all of the KidTv123 songs I have come across so far. Warning… they are addicting! You will be singing them at home, at the grocery store, and while cooking dinner.

This first one is a great supplement for math. It is all about shapes.

This next video is great for counting big numbers… my only wish is that they counted up to 120 before going higher.

The next video has been great for reinforcing the magic e rule with my class.

These have been helpful for my students and I hope you enjoy them too!
Happy Teaching!

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