Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Classroom Fun!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and the guests have departed, I finally have time to share some of the Thanksgiving creations from my classroom. The first activity I found on Pinterest. Check it out here. The first is our cute little coffee filter turkey.

 To create this cute little turkey, my class colored coffee filters with markers. I had them use fall colors (red, yellow, orange, and brown). Then we sprayed the coffee filters with water so the colors blended together to create a watercolor look. The filters were cut in a scalloped pattern and the body parts (brown body, wattle, eye,beak, and legs) were assembled. They turned out so cute! I am so thankful for my parent helpers. They made this project possible with the time they spent helping the students!

The next Thanksgiving activity was a three-dimensional model of the Mayflower. My students loved creating these ships! We studied the Mayflower and the voyage the Pilgrims took across the Atlantic. It took some time and patience cutting, folding, and gluing, but the end result was amazing! The students were so proud to take these home to their families for Thanksgiving!

What activities did your students do to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday?

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