Sunday, January 4, 2015

Currently January

I am linking up with Farley again this month for Currently!

Listening- You HAVE to check out this duet. It is beautiful! Even if you are not a Swifty fan… Trust me.

Loving- My Wacom Tablet… It has enabled me to bypass the drawing onto paper and scanning my files  into photoshop… I can't wait to create, create, create! I am guilty of spending more than one day in my pjs drawing, but I AM on winter break.

Thinking- So I am a Downton Abbey lover… and I can hardly contain my excitement for the new season. I just am concerned about one thing… why does the cover for season 5 only include a small handful of characters??? Please tell me they will not kill off anymore of my favorites!

Wanting- I am going to the movies today! My husband and I will be going to see Unbroken. It was such an inspiring book and we can't wait to see how it is portrayed on film.

Needing- I really need to finish putting Christmas decorations away. I know I am so late with this, but I have trouble letting go of the sparkle! It WILL happen today.

Yes- This year I will make an effort to exercise more. I need to make it a habit and I should never be to busy for a little workout.
Maybe- I would love to get out more and be more adventurous…
Wish- A wish would be to write a children's book… it's on the bucket list!


  1. Hi Meghan!
    I found you through Currently and am your newest follower! It's always fun to add firstie friends! I love your Snowman and coffee filter project. We'll be doing these soon :) Happy 2015!
    An Adventure in Literacy

  2. Hello :) Found you on Farley’s blog! Just leaving some teacher love!

    Man… I’ve seen this duet all over Facebook. I gotta check it out right now! Okay… I’m done ;) That was really pretty! They sound great together!

    Ooh… a new tablet. Jelly! Haha! I’m not big on technology. As a teacher, I know that is TERRIBLE. I have an iPad, but I honestly don’t know how to best use it with my kiddos. I. Need. Help. 2015 goal!

    I have not been to the movies since the first Hobbit film was released. Theaters and me do not mix. Always falling asleep :( Hope you enjoy the movie!

    I need to put up my classroom Christmas decorations. I wanted to do it before I left for winter break, but we all know that wasn’t going to happen ;)

    I want to exercise more, as well. I got into a great walking routine last summer. It fell apart in August :( Determined to get back on a routine this year!!! I want to lose 10 pounds. That’s completely attainable, right?!? We can do this!!!

    I’d love to be more adventurous as well. I am NOT a risk taker AT ALL. Type to spice up my life!

    I loved reading your post! Hope the new year is wonderful to you!

  3. Agreed, that duet is great!!! I'm so excited for Downton Abbey too!!! Can't wait!

  4. OOHHH! I didn't realize Downtown Abbey started tonight. I need to get it recording. Just the music to the show makes me happy. I saw Unbroken over break and I like it but I felt like it was missing something that the book had.....