Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Polar Bear Fun!

Well there is one more week of break for me and I've been busy with preparation! I am going to introduce Arctic Animals when we return to help celebrate the cold weather. I have created an engaging Polar Bears Unit to help my students learn about polar bears. The first component of the unit is a mini book to teach my students about polar bears, their special bodies, and the stages of a cub's life. It contains comprehension questions and is black line for coloring.

Also included in the unit are a bunch of comprehension activities! I have cut & paste diagrams, life cycles, and true & false statements. I created a cute and engaging board game to excite students and review their polar bear facts. I also created two  "How to Draw"activities and foldable graphic organizers for the unit. But wait… there is more!

The unit also includes polar bear writing pages and a fun polar bear art project! I am so excited to get our unit started!
The art templates can also be found here separately.

Check out the pack here!

I can't wait to see my students' faces as they learn about polar bears through this engaging unit!

Happy teaching!

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