Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creating a Giant 120 Chart!

One of our first grade math standards is reading, writing, and counting numbers to 120. As I was racking my brain attempting to find ways to make this standard engaging, I realized that sidewalk chalk could bring a little pizazz to this otherwise tedious task. These photographs are from last year's Giant 120 chart, but I am really looking forward to completing one this week with my current class! All you need: pavement, sidewalk chalk, and students!
After planning out the lines during my computer prep time (the four square lines helped!), I brought the kids out and we had a blast taking turns writing the numbers to 120. When we were finished writing the numbers, the learning did not stop. We practiced jumping into squares that were 10 more and 10 less. We skip counted and literally skipped from one number to the next. We counted by tens starting from all sorts of numbers and hopped to numbers called out by peers. This lesson was one of my students' favorites and I am so excited to do try it again this year!
Happy teaching!

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