Friday, October 17, 2014

Main Topic Key Details Anchor Charts

We have continued our practice of Main Topic and Key Details with various texts within our first grade  classroom. During our exploration we have completed a few interactive anchor charts that have helped the students internalize the concept of the main topic and key details. The first chart was created after a thorough discussion of main topic and key details. The second chart was created as a interactive graphic organizer to visualize our thinking after reading the MMH Treasures story Animal Moms and Dads. Representing our thinking with a chart assists learners of all kinds. I am a huge supporter of interactive writing. Not only do rich discussions occur before the composition begins, but students practice phonemic awareness and phonics skills, writing skills, comprehension skills, and feel a sense of ownership of the final product. Interactive writing also appeals to a vast array of learning styles. For this chart, the visual/spatial learners can refer back to the chart to remind themselves of the main topic and key details . It also appeals to the kinesthetic learners, who have a chance to assist with the writing. Linguistic learners benefit from the written word, and if the chart is posted, all learners can refer back to the content repeatedly.

My little first graders have also been using foldable graphic organizers to assist with their understanding of main topic and key details. My next post will explain these in detail! They have been wonderful and engaging for my students and I know we will use them for a variety of informational text discussions.
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