Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Main Topic Hokey Pokey!

Welcome! To get things started I would like to share a fun song that I have created to help my first graders with the complicated task of understanding Main Topic and Key Details. The Common Core Standards use the language "Main Topic" instead of "Main Idea" in first grade. In order to ensure consistency, I decided to use this CC language for my song.

The song is called The Main Topic Hokey Pokey. I created silly gestures to go with each section (the kids love it!). For example when we say "Main Topic" we create a rectangle with our hands above our heads. Then for "Text" we make a book with our hands. When we say "Key Details" we create starbursts with our hands while turning around. Then we clap our hands for " The most important thing" and put our hands on hips for "Learn about".  This song loops around so the ending sentence is "The most important things we learned about the… Main Topic."

This has been an excellent resource for my students while we grapple with the main topic of many texts we encounter. Not to mention it is super engaging! Enjoy this resource... Stop by my TpT store for a freebie of the lyrics! Main Topic Hokey Pokey Freebie!

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