Friday, October 24, 2014

Writer's Workshop Resources

At the beginning of the year I decided that my students needed resources to assist them in becoming independent writers. I developed some helpful pages to put into their independent writing folders. I include a mini word wall that matches our larger version in the classroom. I also include a page of "School Words" to help them spell words related to school that are commonly used. I also created a book titled "Words I Want to Remember" this book is for students to write their friends' names as well as other words they will use frequently throughout the year. There is a writer's checklist that can be used with dry erase marker as well as a practice page to try words with dry erase marker before writing them on their paper. Lastly, I created a page of strategies that good writers use. These are the same strategies we have in our classroom on an anchor chart. These resources have diminished the "How do I spell…" question and have provided my students with more writing independence. Click here for the link to the resources. Click here to grab a freebie of the writing paper I use.

Happy Teaching!

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